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Vancouver Island is wet and humid – ideal breeding conditions for mould. Whether you can see it or not, mould in your home or office can lead to a variety of health problems and other dangers.

"What can happen if I have mould in my home?"

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Vancouver Island mould removal

If you’ve seen mould in your home, call us right away. We can find out what type of mould it is and whether it’s harmful. Most importantly, we’ll get rid of it. If you suspect mould may be lurking somewhere, we’ll conduct a thorough mould inspection and ensure your Vancouver Island home or commercial space is mould-free!

In order to eliminate the dangers of mould, it's necessary to remove all of the contamination, including microscopic mould spores. Hiring a professional is key, as physically disturbing the mould can cause spores to spread rapidly if not done properly. Early detection and removal can be vital to the health of you and your family!

"Very detailed and thorough inspection; I would not hesitate to recommend Aardvark inspections."
-Dan Barrett, Sooke

Mould encapsulation

In a perfect world, there would be no mould. In a near perfect world, any mould that is found would be removed. In the real world, and in some situations, we can eliminate the potential harm of mould – especially mould found in attics or crawl spaces – by killing it and encapsulating the dead mould spores with an anti-microbial encapsulating coating. Upon a thorough mould inspection, we’ll tell you if this is a viable option in your scenario.

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