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"I recently called Norm Hoessmann of Aardvark Mould Inspections & Remediation to come and check my rancher due to an odd bad odour. I was amazed with the thorough testing he did and was rather unsettled with what he found in my crawlspace - both mould and rodents! A home owner's nightmare! He tackled the problems with such professionalism - he and his team were always prompt, friendly, and very pleasant. They worked hard and turned my crawlspace into such a clean space, I could eat dinner down there! I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Norm at Aardvark for his very trustworthy inspection and remediation work."
-Judy Rippengale

Need a house inspection and testing for mould? I would highly recommend Norm from Aardvark.
He did the whole house inspection - from the attic to the crawl space and took samples for mould testing. I saved a lot of money. He literally checked every square inch of my house. During this inspection, he opened the hot water tank's panel and found corrosion and mould. I called the company that installed it and got a new tank (mine was under warranty) in two days-paid only for labour. Norm was very thorough. He spent about 4 hrs at my house, even went on the roof to check the part of the attic that could not be accessed from inside the house. Gave me a lot of good advise on how to take the windows out and clean everything, windows, frames, rails, how to clean the washing machine, how to disconnect and clean the air ventilation in the bathrooms, what kind of tools and cleaning solutions to use, and much more. I am writing down everything he suggested, and now I am going thruogh the list to clean/fix things. I called many other companies. They are more expensive, even for the mould samples, which are taken to the same lab (I checked!). Even if you think you do not have any problems in your house, it is worth investing in an inspection. Many problems are not even visible.


"Very thorough, clear and to the point, Aardvark is the best inspection service we have used."
-Michael Bourbeau, Victoria

"Norm's inspection was very thorough and revealed things we couldn’t possibly have known otherwise. His report was very impressive, with pictures and detailed notes describing any mould concerns or other deficiencies. I would definitely call Aardvark for any future mould inspections, and I’d certainly recommend him to others."
-Brian Scott, Courtenay

"Lori and I are both so very glad to have used Norm at Aardvark Inspections. He was incredibly thorough in looking at every detail of the home we were interested in purchasing. Norm revealed issues to us that we may not have discovered without his assistance, and what he discovered has been a bargaining tool in our purchasing power for the home. We would not hesitate to recommend Norm for your home inspection as you’ll find that he’s meticulous and very pleasant to deal with. Thanks Norm!"
-Lori Kublik and Keith Gregory

"Not only did Norm do great work, but the service was fantastic. He replied promptly, was pleasant, courteous and professional while at my home and provided me with an honest verbal and written report. I highly recommend this service!”
-Neil Henderson, Nanaimo

"Norm from Aardvark is an incredibly knowledgeable professional. He answered all my questions patiently and thoroughly, and his inspection and report has put my mind at ease."
-Katherine Noonan, Saanich

"Since my house has been listed for sale, I thought it would be wise to have a mould inspection done. The inspection revealed some issues and so I asked Norm to do the repairs. I am very pleased with the work he did. Norm was quick, neat and very fair. I have no hesitation in recommending Aardvark Mould Inspections"
-Dorothy Finkas, Qualicum Beach

"As out of town buyers, it was very important to us to have a smooth working relationship between any parties involved in our purchase. Norm stepped up to the plate quickly and in a very co-operative manner to work with both the Realtor and property site managers to get in and inspect our condo purchase and went a step beyond in making recommendations. His correspondence and answering of the many questions was done in a professional, courteous and timely manner. We would recommend Norm Hoessmann of Aardvark Inspections to any friends looking to purchase."
-Jim and Carolyn Johnson, Victoria

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